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How it works
Different stakeholders, same objectives

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Enthusiastic Individuals, Owners or Community Group Members wanting to get involved and move a Project forward

Professionals looking for exciting projects to work on.



Stakeholders seeking to
help and have Social Impact in Communities

  • A place where you can take action to save vacant buildings

  • Share your views and opinions

  • Show support to existing projects

  • Get funding support

  • Find mindlike individuals

  • Discover new opportunites

  • Easy deal flow

  • The jobs you want to work on

  • Connect with the community

  • Generate positive, tangible impact

  • Easy to audit impact data analytics

  • Targeted impact by location and type of impact

  • Custom reports on your portfolio

The process

We remove the complexity and support you in every step of the process. Get involved today and be part of

the reuse revolution!

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