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Social Investment
with real impact

Accurate investment decisions

We provide real data for you to make the most informed decisions.

It is that simple. 

Choose between a range of investment options and see how you can create a tangible and significant impact.


social investments

  • Social impact investors choose Grand Bequest to discover their next ESG investment

  • Compare projects across regions and project stages

Real and

accurate data

  • Our projects are transformational and are linked to real communities

  • Instantly compare social investment projects across countries using our data analytics

A reliable


  • Find your social investments using transparent metrics

  • Track the data of your investments from start to end of the project

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Job creation


Social impact that matters

Thanks to AI and sentiment analysis we are able to provide you with the best data that reflects the impact that saving vacant buildings has on a community. Job creation, improving local economy, community empowerment, health and wellbeing of the building's occupants and improving deprived areas are just some of the inputs we use to generate the impact that matters to you.

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