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We support you in every step of the process

Champion /ˈtʃæmpɪən/: Champions are the people that take a project forward. They have the passion and energy to lead the strategy to bring a vacant building back into use. But they are not alone, Grand Bequest will support them throughout the process so they can successfully achieve their goal of seeing that building come back to life.

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Get your free initial 1-on-1

Let’s have a chat! The best way to know what are your expectations and how we can best give you tailored support.

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Bequest your building!

Take a picture of the building you want to save and send it to us alongside the location, we call this Bequesting! This is the first step on the journey to save your building!

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Let’s get you an action plan

Saving a building is not an easy task. The process today is long and many uncertainties come up along the way but Grand Bequest’s technology is about making that process easier. And this starts by creating a next-step plan completely adapted to your needs. We design the process and you lead it, we are here for you!


Become a Champion

What's in it for you?

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Feel in control for the first time as an empowered decision-maker

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Improve your community and leave a legacy for future generations

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See the building come to life and build momentum with our team support

What our Champions say

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"We’ve been trying to save this building for 6 years, it’s like we were waiting for Grand Bequest" 

Graham, Chairman at Friends of Cambusnethan Priory

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